Thursday morning was COLD in Las Vegas. Sherrie and I were on our way to the temple and noticed ICICLES in our back yard. (During the winter months we can only water the lawn on Thursdays and after the sprinklers finished early in the morning we had some icicles on the swing set.)

Friday morning we headed up to St. George to help pack my parents for their move to Steve's in Cedar City. Beverly had everything well organized so everything went very well. Barbara and (her) Steve were already there. Sherrie and I drove one load (the computer desk and computer equipment) up to Cedar in my truck and set it up to make sure it was working ok. Sometimes you can spend endless hours trying to make sure that kind of stuff works right. Paul met us at Steve's to help unload everything. Wow, it was really cold in Cedar. I think it was around 20 degrees!

We spent the night in St. George and started packing early in the morning. As you will see from the pictures, we had lots of help. Finally the caravan of trucks headed north around noon. Maurine was already there doing some last minute painting and we had a lot of fun moving stuff in and moving it around and around and around

Sherrie and I headed back to Vegas around 7 or so and stopped in Toquerville to pick up Mary Alice. I dropped off the pink chairs in St. George that wouldn't fit in the new apartment. Sherrie wanted to stop at Harmons and get some food for Sunday. While there we ran into my cousin Mary Ann and her husband Greg Walker. Bev called just then and asked if I had the keys to the folk's van. I sure did. They caught me just in time so I could drop them back by the house.


December 1st and 2nd, 2006

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