We slept in this morning. I miss the early morning hubbub. Santa brought us a big screen (60") tv set for our bedroom (which could be a big mistake - you can imagine how bright it is in the room at night!) He also brought "emergency essentials" kits (72 hour kits...)

Sherrie fixed a quiche and cheese potatoes brunch and Josh and his family came over to help us eat it.

We spent some time opening presents and waiting for Rebecca to call. She called at 2:00 p.m. and we talked until just after 3:00. She had one hour to talk. We had a fun conversation and she told us about many of her experiences. She is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2007, but her mission president has asked if she would extend one transfer until about August 10th. She hasn't decided yet. Her Japanese (to our ears, anyway) sounds very good and she is enjoying the food and culture.

Rachel and Ryan are spending today at his dad's home in Vallejo, California, and Jennie and her family drove down to Eric's sister's home after enjoying their morning festivities. We spoke with both of them and miss being with them on Christmas Day.

Today was our regular ward "Feed the Homeless" service project in Henderson so Sherrie and I went out to that and Grandma Hunter went home with Josh. After the project, we stopped at Josh's to pick up Grandma Hunter and to see Romy and Sophia's presents. Sophia likes to take pictures with my camera so lots of the pictures at their place are hers!

One of the things they received was a "kitchen" and Sophia has spent most of her time, apparently, "working" in her kitchen. She even has a chef's hat that she insisted in wearing all morning including in the car on the way over to our place. Of course, she was asleep when she arrived and she doesn't wake up easy. Eventually she did, however, and then it was non-stop action.

We were home before 9:00 p.m. A long, fun, day. Tomorrow morning will be early as we (the Monte Cristo Ward bishopric) are headed to the temple for our bi-weekly trip.



December 25, 2006

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