On the way home from Salt Lake City with the Laurels (click here), we stopped in Cedar City. Sue Aguiar met us there and we went to the play "A Christmas Carol; On the Air". We stayed overnight at Steve's and then Sherrie and Sue headed back north to collect Andrea and spend a couple of days with Emily. I headed south to LV. The two wrapped presents, you ask? Yes, I wrapped them myself; they are for Bev and Raz.

The other pictures are of Romy's Christmas tree and then later at home the same day (23rd) wrapping presents. You can see Santa's present to us on the table in our bedroom. I think we got a little carried away. It is a 60 inch television and when it is on at night, it is like a floodlight is on in the room!.


December 18-23, 2006

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