Sherrie and I drove down to Jennie and Eric's on Monday morning. We had anticipated an early start because it was New Year's Day and wanted to miss the traffic. But we overslept (til 6:30) and didn't get out until around 7:30. The traffic was fairly heavy but it never stopped like it sometimes does out in the middle of nowhere, and we actually made pretty good time, arriving at Jennie's at 11:45 a.m.

Lunch was at Fatburger's and then we took down and dismantled (literally) their Christmas tree. Tyler received a cool game for Christmas that we spent the entire visit playing; "Uno Attack". It is a fun twist on the traditional Uno game. Instead of drawing from a pile if you can't play, you press a button on the "card dealing" machine and you take a chance a getting no cards or up to 6 or eight cards. Tyler and Cora seem to love the game and we didn't get a change to play any Canasta at all the whole time we were there.

Sherrie helped Jennie strip paint in the master bathroom for the rest of the day and I spent most of my time playing Uno.

Tuesday was more painting and paint stripping while I played more Uno and ran errands with the kids to get supplies. That evening we went to dinner at "Pick Up Stix" and then went to the play at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood: The Lion King. Really a fun evening…lots and lots of kids at the play and Cora wore the new outfit that Grandma bought for her earlier in the afternoon.

The ladies finished the painting, etc., on Wednesday while I played more Uno and took the kids to lunch at "In 'N' Out". Later in the evening we went to a frozen yogurt place called "Pinkberries" that has been getting some buzz…my feedback??? Average.

Thursday morning we headed home (after another game of Uno, of course).

Jennie is due in about 6 weeks.


January 1-4, 2007

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