Monday Morning in Koriyama

Received an email from Steve last night that indicated that Grandpa Thomas is not doing well. This morning he emailed and said that he is doing a bit better but if he worsens we may have to cut the trip short. We will keep you posted.

Yesterday was delightful! Church was quite an experience and it was abundantly clear that Rebecca was loved by everybody. They asked me to say something in Sacrament Meeting so Rebecca translated. Priesthood meeting was just like at home..."you need to do your hometeaching."

I don:t have a lot of time so I haven:t been able to send any pictures yet. Perhaps tonight since I will have some extra time, I think.

I just finished a "gmail chat" with Rachel. I think I was able to capture it below.

After church Rebecca:s friend, Hattori Shimai drove us to her home in a little town called Miharu outside Koriyama. She lives with her parents and sister and sister:s daughter. Interesting home. In the country side, very agrarian, lots of rice fields around, lots of vegetable plots. The pictures will help explain and illustrate. Their come is on a hillside and they have built a picnic area on the little hill right next to the house ()maybe 10 yards fromthe house and up a little hill) The dad barbecued meat and vegetables, and we ate udon and some sort of potatoes and some sort of yams and pastries and all kinds of stuff. Didn:t get home til 8: 00p.m.

Sherrie crashed when we arrived back at the hotel but Rebecca wanted to go visit an investigator/friend and his wife and teake \them a present. unfortuantely they were:nt home so we just left the present on their doorknob and came back ot the hotel. rebecca wanted tocheck her email and while we were doing that, her friends showed up. They had come home just after we left and came to the hotel to see if they could catch us. We had a nice visit and they are planning on visiting us in Las Vegas next September.

I know these emails are not the most informative but we have spent the bulk of our time just visiting with people. That has been the most fun that I think I could have. Everyone has just been so nice. This part of Japan must not be much of a foreign tourist destination because we are the only "gaijin" (foreigners) around. I don:t think I have seen more thatn one or two non-Japanese a day since we have been here. Probably more in Kyoto/Tokyo.

Well, I am going to close and see if I can figure out the train schedules. We are headed to Niigata and Nagaoka today and will be visiting some of Rebecca's friends tomorrow then we leave her mission and head to Kyoto/

Love, Dad

Rachel: hey dad
how's japan?
me: Howdy.
I love it. \what time is it there?
Rachel: 5:51 pm PST
me: I am in the process of sending another email about our experience yesterday.
Rachel: there?
me: Here it is 9+50 a.m.
Rachel: oh cool - rebecca with you?
me: No, she is upstairs with mom. she is addressing some last minute gifts for friends.
\we will be spending the day here and then heading to the west coast.
Rachel: well, tell her i can't wait to see her...6 days
me: It might bve soooner.
Rachel: ?
me: Grandpa Thomas is not doing well.
Steve sent email.
Rachel: oh no
me: But this morning another email says he is rallying.
Rachel: i'm sorry to hear that (or maybe relieved that he won't be in pain for much longer)
well, keep me posted
me: Yes, the pain is not good.
Rachel: you able to upload pics yet?
me: Had a great time yesterday. Can:t send pix yet.
\will explain our Japanese experience in email.
Rachel: cool
me: Rebecca;s friend invited us to her parents home.
It is in countryside.
Rachel: that sounds fun
me: Not old-style Japancese experience.
But close enought.
How is Ryan?
Rachel: lol - sounds like you guys are having a good time - busy, but fun
he's surviving
me: \we are exhasted at the end of each day.
Rachel: he's at that point - wanting it to be over but wanting a nother year to study
me: Last night Sherrie crashed at 8+00
Rachel: lol - no surprise!
me: Rebecca and I heded out to a friends.
Sorry about typing...going fast.
Rachel: no problem
me: Say hi toRyan for us.
Rachel: if you have little time, we can talk when you get back
just thought i'd say hello since i caught you online
travel safe
me: We are looking for phone cards and if we can find some will call
Rachel: sounds good
me: We love you.
Rachel: love you too - and please tell rebecca as well
me: Will do. Bye.

Day 4 - Sunday, July 1st - Church in Koriyama and Japanese meal at Hattori Shimai's

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