Rebecca's last day in Koriyama and she did really well. Considering she finished her mission there and has some close friends therre. After we packed everything up, we left the luggage in the lobby and headed to the church so Rebecca could drop off some last minute gifts. \actually, she had me haul a lot os stuff over from the states and she put together a lot of thoughtful gifts.

Then we headed back to the eki and caught the Shinkansen to Nagaoka (we had to go south almost to Tokyo and transfer at the Omiya station and then head back north and west to Nagaoaka. We went through a lot of long tunnels, must have breen long since even at two hundred miles an hour we were in the tunnels for awhile. The countryside in the west coast is prettier I think, than the east coast of Japan. Of course, I have only been able to see it through the windows of a very fast train. We bought the Japan Rail Pass and decided to get the first class version...good choice, by the way, since you have lots and lots of leg room (which you will see from the pictures) and the cars aren:t very full at all.

Day 5 - Monday, July 2nd - Morning in Koriyama and train to Nagaoka

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