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Romy and Sophia came over on Monday to stay the night with order to have enough seats to get to the airport.)

Up early to get to the airport in time for our flight. We met Josh, Zully, Marisol, and Luz at the Continental check in area and took care of all the bags, tickets, etc., and then headed upstairs to go to the gate. First we stopped at Burger King for some breakfast and then it was up, up and away to Costa Rica, via a stopover in Houston.

Josh's suitcase, unfortunately, didn't make it to Liberia. Perhaps tomorrow.

Our driver picked us up at the airport in Liberia and an hour and a half later were at the Sueño Del Mar bed and breakfast in Tamarindo...actually Playa Langosta, which is about a mile or so past Tamarindo.

After we settled in, we went for a walk on the beach which was beautiful because the moon was full. In fact, on the plane, we watched the moon "rise", which occured about ten times faster than normal because of our altitude.l


February 10, 2009