This morning was pretty rainy but we still took some time to go to the "maze". Romy and Sophia both loved it and after we finished it the first time, they wanted to go again. Josh, Zully, and Luz, were pretty wet so they headed up the hill to the room while I went again with the girls.

The rain really started to come down after we were back in the room.

Before heading back to SDM, our driver took us to La Fortuna for lunch. Most of us had "casado"...see the picture that I took...which is a typical Costa Rican food grouping.

On the way home, we stopped to feed a group of "pizotes" (coatimundi's) by the side of the road.

Romy and Sophia have been entranced by "Lulu", the cat that lives at SDM and spent lots of time chasing her around and playing with her.


February 14, 2009

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