Up early this morning to head to Santa Cruz for church.

The Branch President in Santa Cruz is one of the missionaries (Elder Rodman from Missouri). He conducted the meeting and did a great job, including a "scolding" of the members just before the closing song for drinking tea and gambling. His companion, Elder Ramirez from Honduras, near Tegucigalpa.

There were four other "gringo" couples there as well...two couples were from British Columbia and two couples from Cedar Hills Utah. One of the couples from Utah was named McKinley. Josh recognized Brother McKinley as having been one of his professors at BYU and had a nice conversation with him. Brother McKinley said that one of their grandsons, David Hastings (s stake president in Las Vegas) was married to a daughter of the late Don Christensen (who was temple president in Las Vegasfor a year or so until he died of a heart attack.) Seems like we never go anywhere without meeting someone who knows someone that we do.

The branch has an American member, David Heathman from La Costa, CA, who lives near Tamarindo. He is married to a woman (Linda) from Brazil and he said that Costa Rica is about "halfway" between the two. He has lived there for about three years and still doesn't seem to speak any Spanish at all.

We enjoyed the meeting and I met a young lady from Santa Cruz, Sister Milagro (Millie) Lopez, who had just returned (about three months ago) from the Guatemala Central Mission.

We had a late lunch/early supper in town and then came home to enjoy the sunset...yes, we got wet somehow.





February 15, 2009

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