This morning Josh and I "babysat" while the "big" girls went into town shopping.

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing around SDM, swimming, enjoying the sunset, and, of course, we have been playing a lot of canasta.

The ocean is really warm and each evening as the sun sets we would be trying to "boogie board". Romy did very well, and I was able to scrape up my legs on the rocks.

After the nightly canasta game, we went for a walk on the beach. The moon had set so the sky was just a blanket of stars. We sat in the chairs on the beach for about a half hour just looking at the sky.

My camera has started to act up (wear out???). I have to turn it off between pictures. Otherwise each succeeding picture gets blurrier and blurrier. Time for a new one? Yea. Romy and Sophia have been taking a lot of pictures with it (as you sometimes can tell.)


February 16, 2009

IMG_4619 (Small).JPG

IMG_4620 (Small).JPG

IMG_4621 (Small).JPG

IMG_4622 (Small).JPG

IMG_4623 (Small).JPG

IMG_4624 (Small).JPG

IMG_4625 (Large) (Small).JPG

IMG_4625 (Medium) (Small).JPG

IMG_4625 (Small) (2).JPG

IMG_4625 (Small) (Small).JPG

IMG_4626 (Small).JPG

IMG_4627 (Small).JPG

IMG_4628 (Small).JPG

IMG_4629 (Small).JPG

IMG_4630 (Small).JPG

IMG_4631 (Small).JPG

IMG_4634 (Small).JPG

IMG_4635 (Small).JPG

IMG_4636 (Small).JPG

IMG_4637 (Small).JPG

IMG_4639 (Small).JPG

IMG_4640 (Small).JPG

IMG_4641 (Small).JPG

IMG_4642 (Small).JPG

IMG_4643 (Small).JPG

IMG_4644 (Small).JPG

IMG_4645 (Small).JPG

IMG_4646 (Small).JPG

IMG_4647 (Small).JPG

IMG_4648 (Small).JPG

IMG_4649 (Small).JPG

IMG_4650 (Small).JPG

IMG_4651 (Small).JPG

IMG_4652 (Small).JPG

IMG_4653 (Small).JPG

IMG_4654 (Small).JPG

IMG_4655 (Small).JPG

IMG_4656 (Small).JPG

IMG_4657 (Small).JPG

IMG_4658 (Small).JPG

IMG_4659 (Small).JPG

IMG_4660 (Small).JPG

IMG_4661 (Small).JPG

IMG_4662 (Small).JPG

IMG_4663 (Small).JPG

IMG_4664 (Small).JPG

IMG_4665 (Small).JPG

IMG_4666 (Small).JPG

IMG_4667 (Small).JPG

IMG_4668 (Small).JPG

IMG_4669 (Small).JPG

IMG_4670 (Small).JPG

IMG_4671 (Small).JPG

IMG_4672 (Small).JPG

IMG_4673 (Small).JPG

IMG_4674 (Small).JPG

IMG_4675 (Small).JPG

IMG_4676 (Small).JPG

IMG_4677 (Small).JPG

IMG_4678 (Small).JPG

IMG_4679 (Small).JPG

IMG_4680 (Small).JPG

IMG_4681 (Small).JPG

IMG_4682 (Small).JPG

IMG_4683 (Small).JPG

IMG_4684 (Small).JPG

IMG_4685 (Small).JPG

IMG_4686 (Small).JPG

IMG_4687 (Small).JPG

IMG_4688 (Small).JPG

IMG_4689 (Small).JPG

IMG_4690 (Small).JPG

IMG_4691 (Small).JPG

IMG_4692 (Small).JPG

IMG_4693 (Small).JPG

IMG_4694 (Small).JPG

IMG_4695 (Small).JPG

IMG_4696 (Small).JPG

IMG_4697 (Small).JPG

IMG_4698 (Small).JPG

IMG_4699 (Small).JPG

IMG_4700 (Small).JPG

IMG_4701 (Small).JPG

IMG_4702 (Small).JPG

IMG_4703 (Small).JPG

IMG_4704 (Small).JPG

IMG_4705 (Small).JPG

IMG_4709 (Small).JPG

IMG_4712 (Small).JPG

IMG_4714 (Small).JPG

IMG_4715 (Small).JPG

IMG_4718 (Small).JPG

IMG_4719 (Small).JPG

IMG_4721 (Small).JPG

IMG_4722 (Small).JPG

IMG_4723 (Small).JPG

IMG_4724 (Small).JPG

IMG_4725 (Small).JPG

IMG_4726 (Small).JPG

IMG_4727 (Small).JPG

IMG_4728 (Small).JPG

IMG_4730 (Small).JPG

IMG_4731 (Small).JPG

IMG_4732 (Small).JPG

IMG_4733 (Small).JPG

IMG_4734 (Small).JPG

IMG_4735 (Small).JPG

IMG_4736 (Small).JPG

IMG_4737 (Small).JPG

IMG_4738 (Small).JPG

IMG_4739 (Small).JPG