Thursday. Dry day finally and after a visit to the Kyoto Tower, we headed to Tokyo around noon so we could see the countryside. Also saw Mt. Fuji (fuji-san) on the way. I took tons of pictures but most of them are blurred because the train is moving so fast. Most of the neat shots I missed because by the time you saw the scenic view, you would be pastit before you could get your cmera ready.

Checked into the Imperial Hotel and later walked to the Imperial Palace grounds...everything closed but beautiful site. Hpefully we will be able to visit one of the gardens on Saturday morning. Later we hopped a taxi to the GInza district...major league shopping area.

Tomorrow we are going to visit the Tokyo Temple grounds...unfortunately the temple is closed for maintenance this week.

Josh. Emily wanted your phone number. She is at Steves. His number is 435-586-8078, I think. Or call Brad at 658-1726.

Rachel. Are you going to be on the flight with us from SF to LV?

Will. Leave a house key under one of the pots so they can get in on Saturday afternoon. I will email you with flight details tomorrow.


Day 8 - Thursday, July 5th - Kyoto Tower, train to Tokyo, Ginza shopping district

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