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We started the morning yesterday with a buffet breakfast here at the hotel and then caught the subway to the temple. It is only about 15 minutes away and is in a nice area next to a park. Everything was buttoned up tight although we did get into the church...which is very unlike any of ours. There is an MTC there as well, but we didn't see any signs of life, so maybe there wasn't anyone there.

Caught a cab for the Tokyo Tower and went to the absolute top...never knees didn't stop shaking the whole time. The main observatory has one of those glass floors sections like the CNN tower in Canada. Rebecca forced me to stand on it.

Then we headed to the Akasusa-Kannon temple for a short visit. There is a block long shopping arcade leading to the temple and it took us about an hour to cover the block...sigh.

Then it was off to the Akihabara district, an electronics district, which is supposed to be the center for all things electronic. Hmmmm.

We caught a cab back to the hotel and rested for awhile and then took the subway to the Harajuku district, supposedly the center for kids who dress in outlandish outfits, etc., etc. Maybe it was too early in the evening, lots of trendy shopping and lots of people around. Coming home we jumped off the subway one stop too early and wandered for about 15 minutes before we found the hotel.

Day 9 - Friday, July 6th - Visit temple grounds, Tokyo Tower, Akusa temple, Akihabara, Harajuku District