On Sunday evening, October 27,2007 (the day I was released as bishop of the Monte Cristo Ward), I was called to serve as a part-time Humanitarian Service Missionary in the new Humanitarian Service Room at the Welfare Services Complex in North Las Vegas. I never did get a formal letter, just a visit from a counselor in the stake presidency. So my "term" was apparently unlimited (which was fine with me). So for the next two years I went out to the HSR two days a week and one or two nights a week. In November 2009 I started working full-time again and was only able to go out once or twice a week in the evenings.

Sherrie was called on June 15, 2008, for a 12 month period. But the 12 months came and went pretty quickly and the service missionary coordinators, upon inquiring about her continuing, said to just keep on serving.

Technically I was released after 30 months (apparently the Church has a policy that you can't serve longer than 30 months - well, I think you can but you have to "reapply" and be "recalled"), but since Sherrie was still serving when I completed 30 months, I told the coordinators that I would continue until Sherrie finished her 30 months. After Sherrie's 30 months, she decided to finish three full years, so the service coordinators said to just keep on serving as long as we wanted, but that she would have to be formally released.

Well, apparently today was the day Sherrie decided to pull the pin, so we had a party. The Hooglands, who were the original coordinators (the Zobrists replaced them about 10 months ago), and the Ankenmans's who have been serving almost as long as we did, were also there. The Ankenmans are wrapping it up also.

Time to pass the baton to someone else.





May 24, 2011

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