Drove to Jennie's for a long weekend. Canasta! Golf!


Josh and family, Mr. Will came over for swimming in the afternoon. Tri-tip BBQ!! Then to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert featuring the music from Fantasia. Everyone there except for Rachel, Ryan and Dashiell who were closing escrow on their new home in Palo Alto. Fun evening.


Went to the Sherman Oaks Ward for Sacrament Meeting.


Drove to Oxnard to meet with staff at the Ventura County Business Bank. We (Royal Business Bank) are trying to close the purchase in a couple of weeks.

Left for home in the early afternoon and got caught in a traffic mess on the Cajon Pass. Hour and a half to get through. Fires burning right by the freeway closed two of the three northbound lanes. Sigh. At least we didn't have the problem that the southbound drivers did in Baker. Semi crash right between the two Baker exits forced the southbound traffic to go through downtown Baker. 7 mile backup on the north side of Baker. Of course we sailed through since the accident was on the other side of the freeway.



August 19, 2011 to August 22, 2011

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