November 1965 to March 1968


February 1966 - LTM


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Missionary Pictures

Mission slides - coming soon

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Avantes - March 1966 to March 1968

Guatemala-El Salvador Mission Website



Last updated on February 20, 2012 1:19 PM

I am in the process of scanning all my "mission stuff" into the computer. The mission slides are all scanned and I just have to create the web photo album to get them online. Perhaps later this week.

As you will see in the "Missionary Pictures" page, there are a lot of unidentified missionaries. If you know any of them, please let met know and I will put the correct identification on them.

The "Mission Slides" are organized by dates and the location where I was serving at the time. The slide names are the notes written on the slides at the time they were developed in the mission field.