1959 - 1964

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1959 Yearbook
1960 Yearbook
1961 Yearbook
1962 Yearbook
1963 Yearbook
1964 Yearbook

1994 Reunion
1999 Reunion
2004 Reunion

Reunion Group Pictures:
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Thanks so much to Joe Shaw for providing yearbooks 59 to 63. I scanned my 64 yearbook.

In the interest of time, I simply scanned every page and then created a web photo album in Dreamweaver for each year. I didn't really do any editing, so you are seeing everything in the yearbooks. I don't think there is anything weird, so don't anyone be worried about seeing or reading anything inappropriate.

The reunion pictures are the only ones that I can find. As I find earlier years, I will add those as well (unless somebody wants to email me theirs, then I will add those as well.)

Thanks, also, to Judy Kenaston Warren for the picture of SHS and Lincoln Elementary School. She has posted a lot of "old" pictures of Shoshone on her Facebook page which can be seen by clicking here.